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SFP Cables

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SFP to DB9 Cables
SFP to DB9 Cables
28-0240-01 SFP-DB9 Cables 2G PASSIVE 1M
28-0240-03 SFP-DB9 Cables 2G PASSIVE 3M
28-0240-05 SFP-DB9 Cables 2G PASSIVE 5M
SFP to HSSDC2 Cables
SFP to HSSDC2 Cables
28-0241-01 SFP-HSSDC2 Cables 2G PASSIVE 1M
28-0241-03 SFP-HSSDC2 Cables 2G PASSIVE 3M
28-0241-05 SFP-HSSDC2 Cables 2G PASSIVE 5M
SFP to HSSDC Cables
SFP to HSSDC Cables
28-0242-01 SFP-HSSDC Cables 2G PASSIVE 1M
28-0242-03 SFP-HSSDC Cables 2G PASSIVE 3M
28-0242-05 SFP-HSSDC Cables 2G PASSIVE 5M
SFP to SFP Cables
SFP to SFP Cables
28-0243-01 SFP-SFP Cables 2G PASSIVE 1M
28-0243-03 SFP-SFP Cables 2G PASSIVE 3M
28-0243-05 SFP-SFP Cables 2G PASSIVE 5M
SFP+ to SFP+ Cables
SFP+ 10GbE Cables
29-1511 SFP+ Cables 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) Direct Attach Passive Copper Cables 1M
29-1513 SFP+ Cables 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) Direct Attach Passive Copper Cables 3M


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