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Adapters for Computer Network and Video
Network Computer Adapters
Network connections for Computer and Video with adapters.
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Adapters for Video and Data Network

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PDE Part #:  14-1572
HDMI Adapters for VideoHDMI Male / DVI FemaleHDMI Male / DVI Female Adapters
PDE Part #:  14-1193
Network Adapters for 13W3F, HDD15M Sun Monitor13W3F, HDD15M Sun Monitor
PDE Part #:  14-1191
Network Adapters for 13W3M, HDD15F Sun Monitor13W3M, HDD15F Sun Monitor
PDE Part #:  14-1316
Network Loop Back DB9F-DB25F AdaptersLoop Back DB9F-DB25F Adapters
PDE Part #:  14-1468
Network DB25F-DB9M AdaptersDB25F-DB9M Adapters
PDE Part #:  14-1362
Network Loop Back DB25M AdaptersLoop Back DB25M Adapters
PDE Part #:  14-1343
Null Network DB9M-FNULL DB9M-F Adapters
PDE Part #:  14-1325
Network Null DB9F-DB9F AdaptersNULL DB9F-DB9F Adapters
PDE Part #:  14-1403
Network Null DB9M-M for AdaptersNULL DB9M-M Adapters
PDE Part #:  14-1448
Network Video DVIF - VGA M AdaptersDVIF - VGA M Adapters
PDE Part #:  14-1361
Network DVIM -VGA F AdaptersDVIM - VGA F Adapters
PDE Part #:  14-1526
Network NULL DB25M-F AdaptersNULL DB25M-F Adapters
PDE Part #:  14-1114
Network SCSI 1-3 C50M-HD68M AdaptersSCSI 1-3 C50F-HD68M
PDE Part #:  14-1199
.8MM VHDCI-DIP68 14-1199.8MM VHDCI-DIP68
PDE Part #:  14-1113
Network SCSI 1-3 C50M-HD68F AdaptersSCSI 1-3 C50M-HD68F
PDE Part #:  14-1489
Video DVI to Component 14-1489DVI TO COMPONENT
PDE Part #:  14-1528
900GHZ 4 Way Splitter 14-1528900GHZ 4 WAY SPLITTER
PDE Part #:  14-1314
3.5MM - 2 x 3.5MM Audio Plug 14-13143.5MM - 2 X 3.5MM AUDIO PLUG
PDE Part #:  14-1313
PDE Part #:  14-1263
PS/2M-ATF 14-1263PS/2M-ATF
PDE Part #:  14-1202
PDE Part #:  14-1011
PDE Part #:  14-1421
Network 68F - 50M Adapters ADAPTER, 68F - 50M
PDE Part #:  14-1108
With Term. 68-50 Male 14-1108ADAPTER WITH TERM. 68-50 MALE
PDE Part #:  14-1010
Network HPD68M-50M molded Adapters ADAPTER, HPD68M-50M MOLDED
PDE Part #:  14-1094
Network Modular DB25M-RJ45 AdaptersMODULAR ADAPTER DB25M-RJ45
PDE Part #:  14-1440
Network Modular DB15-RJ45 AdaptersMODULAR ADAPTER DB15-RJ45
PDE Part #:  14-1330
Modular Network DB9F-RJ12 AdaptersMODULAR ADAPTER DB9F-RJ12
PDE Part #:  14-1329
Network Modular DB9M-RJ45 AdaptersMODULAR ADAPTER DB9M-RJ12
PDE Part #:  14-1328
Modular DB25M-RJ12 14-1328MODULAR ADAPTER DB25M-RJ12
PDE Part #:  14-1319
Modular DB9F-RJ45 14-1319MODULAR ADAPTER DB15M-RJ45
PDE Part #:  14-1095
Network Modular DB25F-RJ45 14-1095MODULAR ADAPTER DB25F-RJ45
PDE Part #:  14-1096
Modular DB9F-RJ45 14-1096MODULAR ADAPTER DB9F-RJ45
PDE Part #:  14-1308
USB Gender Changer A Type F-F 14-1308USB GENDER CHANGER A TYPE F-F
PDE Part #:  14-1475
USB A/M to B/F Changer 14-1475USB A/M TO B/F CHANGER
PDE Part #:  14-1519
USB B/M to B/M Changer 14-1519USB B/M TO B/M CHANGER
PDE Part #:  14-1435
USB M-PS/2 F 14-1435USB M-PS/2 F
PDE Part #:  14-1311
USB F-PS/2 M 6 inch 14-1311USB F-PS/2 M 6"
PDE Part #:  14-1512
USB Network A/F to B/F Changer 14-1512USB A/F TO B/F CHANGER
PDE Part #:  14-1508
USB Network A M/M Gender Changer 14-1508USB A M/M GENDER CHANGER
PDE Part #:  14-1006
UPC #:  664880-10011
Network SCAAdapter SCA 80 pin to .1" pitch 50 pin Male. Converts 80 pin SCA hard drive to 50 pin male connector with power and id connectors. Allows for a SCA hard drive to connect to a narrow SCSI cable.
PDE Part #:  14-1007
UPC #:  664880-10010

Network SCA 80 pin to HD68 FemaleSCA 80 pin to HD68 Female Adapters. Converts a SCA hard drive to 69 pin female connector with power and id connectors.  Allows for a SCA hard drive to connect to a wide SCSI 68 pin cable.
PDE Part #:  14-1008
Network SCA80F - BH50M & HPD68FSCA80F - BH50M & HPD68F

PDE Part #:  14-1021
Network SCA80F-BH50M & HPD68F & 9 Line Term. SCA80F-BH50M & HPD68F & 9 Line Term.

PDE Part #:  14-1038
Network SCA LVD or SCA UltraAdapter converts 80 pin SCA LVD or SCA Ultra hard drive to 68 pin female connector with power and id connectors. Allows for LVD SCA hard drive to work on a wide 68 pin cable. Uses SCA 2 connector. For single Drive applications.

PDE Part #:  14-1119
Network HD50 - IDC50 HD50 - IDC50

PDE Part #:  14-1200
Network SCA80-HD68F LVD U-320
SCA80-HD68F LVD U-320

PDE Part #:  14-1351
Network HD68F-F on Hanger BKT

PDE Part #:  14-1205
PDE Part #:  14-1206
Network Slim FDD SLIM FDD
PDE Part #:  14-1500
RJ11 Y-Splitter 1M-2F 14-1205RJ11 Y-SPLITTER 1M-2F
PDE Part #:  14-1360
Inline Coupler RJ12 Cross 14-1360 INLINE COUPLER RJ12 CROSS
PDE Part #:  14-1538
Inline Coupler RJ12 Straight 14-1538INLINE COUPLER RJ12 STRAIGHT
PDE Part #:  14-1307
Inline Coupler 8P 8C Straight 14-1307INLINE COUPLER 8P 8C STRAIGHT
PDE Part #:  14-1628
Network 4 pin F - 15 pin M SATA power4 pin female power connector – 15 pin male SATA power connector.
PDE Part #:  14-1618
7 pin M - 7 pin M, Serial ATA/SAS Coupler7 pin Male – 7 pin Male, Serial ATA / SAS Coupler. Connects 2 Internal SATA cables together.
PDE Part #:  14-1322


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