PDE Technology manufactures Duplicators, Enclosures, and much more Storage Solutions for your computer data, reliable network cables with RoHS compliance, and much more
Accessories: Computer parts
Variety of computer parts from PDE Technology for the right parts. Find miscellaneous parts for computers, audio, and more.

Adapters: Network adapters and computer parts
Wide array of network adapters and computer parts. Browse through the list of adapters available with many parts for computers & network devices.

Bridge Boards: USB / Firewire host to SATA / ATA hard drives
Connecting USB or Firewire host through bridge boards to SATA or ATA internal hard drives in an enclosure. Two types of bridge boards for a single internal hard drive or two hard drives for JBOD or striped configuration.

Clearance Center
Great Deals on Overstock and Discontinued Items.

Custom Cables: RoHS network cables
PDE Technnology Corp offers variety of network cables with RoHS compliance. Offering SFP cables - SATA cables - fiber optic cables - SAS cables - and more. Other custom cables include power cables - ribbon cables - flex cables - lvd cables and more. Browse through variety of video cable products and speaker cable products.

Drive Module: Hard drive kits
Drive module products for variety of hard drives. Wide selection of drive modules for hard drive enclosure integration.

DVD and CD Burner: DVD / CD writer
Wide assortment of DVD and CD burner equipments with multiple drive options. DVD writer for fast duplication and CD burner with efficient duplication and easy operation. PDE's writers are multi-format recognition for easy duplications of DVD discs.

Fiber Optic Cables
Choose from variety of fiber optic cables to fit your needs. Many custom fiber optic cable lengths and configurations. Now offering the NEW 10Gb OM3 Fiber Optic Patch Cable with aqua tone jacket.

Fibre Channel Cables
Offering quality tested fibre channel cables with variety of cable lengths including custom made fibre channel products. The cables are made with quality Madison 1Gb/s Turbo-Quad wire or Madison 2Gb/s Turbo-Quad gold. The fibre channel products are equalized circuitry for copper cables to extend usable length.

Firewire Cables
Choose from variety of firewire 1394 cables to fit your data communication tasks. Offering variety of firewire lengths and configurations. Firewire is very versatile for fast data communications for video, photos, and large amounts of data transfer.

Hard Drive Enclosures
Wide selection of hard drive enclosures with interface options of your choice such as fibre channel, SATA, SAS, Mini-SAS, Firewire, SFP, and USB. Multiple drive options also offering RAID function to hard drives for efficient data storage solutions.

Injection Molding
PDE Technology Corp offers plastic injection molding service with variety of materials also offering mold design and complete production logistics.

iSCSI Enclosures
Storing data remotely while consolidating the network for a more efficient method with iSCSI technology with 1U to 3U rackmount enclosures. iSCSI does not require a dedicated line and allows SCSI commands in the LAN, WAN, and SANs communications.

iShowfast is a fast USB 3.0 flash drive with dual connector for Apple® Lightning and USB. Easily expand iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Macbook or play directly from iShowfast with new hardware technology.

Mini-SAS and SAS Cables and Adapters
Fast RoHS compliant Mini-SAS and SAS cables including variety of SAS adapters. Choose from various cable lengths for Mini-SAS and SAS products from PDE Technology Corp.

Notebook Drive Kits and Accessories
Notebook drive kits for diverse brands. Visit the notebook and accessories page to browse through all available options to fit your needs.

PDE Online Store
Purchase professional PDE products online with secure payment options and shipment tracking feature.
Rackmount Enclosures: Network storage solutions with RAID and JBOD
Choose from variety of rackmount enclosures with various interface options such as Mini-SAS, SAS, Fiber Optic, SATA, eSATA, and Fibre Channel. Designed for optimal performance for reliability and equipment life. Offering comprehensive line of rackmount sizes from 1U to 4U.

Rackmount Servers
Solution for RAID and JBOD data storage and communications for fast business operations and reliable servers for continuous data transfers. Rackmount products are manufactured at an ISO Certified facility to offer customers industry standard and professional products at an affordable price point.

Rail Kits: Hard drive kits and computer parts
PDE offers rail kits for hard drive integration with many well known brands. Rail computer parts available for brands such as HP, Compaq, and DELL.

SAS, SATA, and Infiniband Cables: Data cable
Select from PDE's comprehensive line of network cables from SAS, SATA, and Infiniband cables. Offering variety of cable lengths and configurations.

SATA Cables and SAS Internal Cables
Variety of cable lengths for SATA cables and SAS internal cables. Select cables for optimal performance and data integrity with RoHS compliance.

SCSI Cable
Choose from variety of SCSI cable types and lengths with external shielded and round interface cables. Solutions for connecting computer peripherals with ease from many of PDE's SCSI products.

SFP Cables
Comprehensive SFP cables such as SFP to DB9, SFP to HSSDC2, SFP to HSSDC, SFP to SFP, and SFP+ to SFP+ cables. Offering variety of SFP lengths to fit your needs.

Speaker Cable Products
Professional speaker cable products with 14 AWG 1/4" to 1/4" jacks. Offering variety of cable colors for distinct speaker cable setup. Choose from variety of speaker cable lengths up to 100 feet.

Terminators: Differential Terminator, Active Negation Terminator, Active Terminator, and External Multimode Terminator
PDE offers variety of SCSI terminators: differential terminator, active negation terminator, active terminator, and external multimode terminator. Control your network infrastructure with ease from PDE's diverse line of terminators.

USB Cable and Adapter
PDE offers diverse line of USB cables in variety of lengths and configurations for fast and easy integration with computer peripherals. Also offering USB adapters in the high demand market using USB ports.

Video Cables: HDMI, DVI, and VGA cables
Video cables are essential for monitor and TV communication with the hosting equipment. Video communication is available in variety of options including HDMI for hi-definition, DVI offering digital video, and VGA for analog signals.

Wytron Duplicators: Blu-ray, DVD, and CD burners | Hard Drive Duplicators
Affordable Blu-ray, DVD, and CD burners with variety of custom drive options. Wytron disc writer equipments are optimized for novice operators. Browse through many selections of hard drive duplicators, Blu-ray/DVD/CD controllers (DVD-668, DVD-688, DVD-898, DVD-899), memory card duplicators, and much more. Duplicators are compact with contemporary design and integrated with the latest hi-speed technology such as SAS and SATA. Also, white papers for the Blu-ray, DVD, and CD duplicators are available.

Zipspin Duplicators: Blu-ray, DVD, and CD burner / Writer for R and RW single / dual layer discs
Complete line of professional duplicators/burners for Blu-ray, DVD, and CD media. The multi-format recognition reader offers the user easier operation for duplicating discs. Blu-ray duplication equipment is available in variety of drive options. DVD and CD burners are available in seperate units or combined. ZipSpin now offers smoother production workflow in duplicating Blu-ray, DVD, and CD discs with built-in hard drive master without requiring a PC.

PDE News and Product Releases
Catch up on the latest news from PDE Technology Corp on innovative products for data storage solutions. PDE strives to offer professional hard drive enclosures, rackmount enclosures, network cables, Blu-ray DVD CD burners, circuit boards, and more.

PDE Technology Corp is an innovative data storage solutions provider with ISO Certified manufacturing facility. PDE offers services in computer products and storage, plastic injection molding, and custom sheet metal fabrication.
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